Plates, Platters, & Bowls

Plates, Platters, & Bowls

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From a large platter intended to be hung on a wall to a small treat bowl, and everything in between, there is no end to the creative expression possible with plates, platters, and bowls. Part of the Ceramic Arts Select Series, this book is a testament to that variety. Each edition of the Ceramic Arts Select Series focuses on specific related forms and presents some of the best examples of how contemporary artists are exploring, innovating, and celebrating those forms.

Plates, Platters, & Bowls, features twenty in-depth, step-by-step projects. With both wheel-thrown and handbuilt examples, you’ll find solutions for common problems like how to throw a large platter or bowl without breaking your back. But you’ll also find unusual and innovative interpretations on these classic forms such as asymmetrical handbuilt bowls that are folded like origami and arranged together as sculptural explorations of geometry. This volume is a perfect balance of practical information and thought-provoking inspiration and is a must for anyone interested in strengthening their work and expanding their creative expression.


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