Gum Solution

Gum Solution

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Add AMACO® Gum Solution to glazes to improve their brushability and slow their drying time which results in a more even and consistent application. Old, thick glazes can be brought back to their original creamy consistency by thinning the glaze with water first, then adding about a tablespoon of AMACO® Gum Solution, or as much as needed to obtain good brushability without drag. AMACO® Gum Solution will prevent glazes from drying fast and cracking. AMACO Lab recommends using no more than 1/4 cup of distilled water to each Tablespoon of gum solution. Using distilled water instead of tap water will lengthen the effective time of the gum solution. Add the gum solution in small amounts, along with water, to thin glazes which are too thick. Add gum solution alone to glazes which are old, smell bad, or are cracking as they dry.

See AMACO's instructions on how to use Gum Solution here.

Also: After using AMACO® Underglaze Pencils and Crayons, spray a diluted coat of Gum Solution all over the surface to seal the underglaze. Let it dry, then brush on a clear glaze. The Gum Solution seal will prevent the colors from smearing while brushing on the glaze.


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