The Original Hi Roller Vertical Slab Roller

The Original Hi Roller Vertical Slab Roller

Product #: PC-HR

Price: $1,599.00

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The Hi Roller is a true innovation in slab making equipment for the ceramics industry. The vertical orientation is an obvious space-saving breakthrough but it is the less apparent elements of this design, which truly makes the Hi Roller a pleasure to use.


INNOVATIVE SLAB FORMING – The clay is pulled down
between two free-wheeling idler rollers. Even pressure
distribution on both sides of the slab as it is
formed, equalizing pressure applied as it is ejected just
what you have strived for with just one pass.

FAST – Use the “once and done” technique
for slab making because pressure is
equally applied to both sides of your slab.

CONVENIENT – Close at hand but not taking up space
which could be put to better use .

INTEGRATED CANVAS – Always with your machine,
always ready, always perfectly aligned

SIMPLE OPERATION – Simple controls with ergonomic
design make operation intuitive.

DURABILITY– Welded, powder coated steel frame. ‘Potter
tough’ steel components, all self lubricating bearing
construction for smooth, low maintenance operation.

and you are ready to roll. No more binding,
jamming or doing laps from one side to the other.

AMBIDEXTROUS CONTROLS – Handle and quick stop
pedal/drivelock can be mounted on either side of the
machine to fit with your dominant hand or unique
spacial requirements.

ADAPTABLE – Easily switch between several clay
bodies. Use extra canvases and send
clay through in a canvas ‘sling’.
For tile applications use Slab-Mat to keep your
slab rigid during transport.

Wall mount & Floor mount
Not quite twelve inches is all it takes. Use the wall mount included with the Hi Roller
and mount on any interior stud or masonry wall. The demi feet have levelers to raise the
roller off the floor and help with getting the unit plumb. The 35” wide Hi Roller is 10 inches thick, add our beefy 1 5/8 inch wall mount and you are ready!
Got five square feet of space? That is all you need! The
floor mounts included with the Hi Roller are 31.5 inches long. The roller is stable
and ready for service! Additional floor anchoring may be incorporated at installation if desired.



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