Extruder Expansion Box
Product #: NS-940EX

Price: $259.95

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The Expansion Box is an extruder accessory that allows  the  user to produce larger extrusions from their North Star 4” extruder.  This is accomplished by adapting the bottom portion of a detachable box to fit  6 inch Dies.

Whats Included in the Kit

The expansion box, die retainer ring and mounting bolts, hex wrench, three piece spacer board and hardware.
 6" Medium Basic Die Set & die brace


 The expansion box is made of high quality aluminum. All the mating surfaces of the expansion box are machined flat for a tight seal. The die retainer mounting ears have steel inserts for the bolts to screw into. The ears with slots of the expansion box are machined to slide easily onto and out of the extruder. The die retainer ring and the hardware is made of steel. All outside surfaces are powder coated for a durable lasting finish.

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