Glazetech Test Kiln - 240V 1PH

Glazetech Test Kiln - 240V 1PH

Product #: KM-GTK-240V-1PH

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This is a true Cone 10 Test Kiln.

Unlike most test kilns the GlazeTech is designed to run on 240V but still only requires a 20Amp breaker (208V models require a 30Amp breaker). This gives us the power we need to design a truly useful chamber size. It’s square design makes it perfect to fire test tiles on multiple levels and with it’s 9” depth you can actually test short cylinders to see how your glaze performs on a vertical surface.

The GlazeTech was originally developed at the request of Robin Hopper for his testing of the new Porcelain Canvas™ substrate offered through Ceramic Art Cart. With it’s 14” square chamber and 9” depth it is perfect for firing multiple levels of the Porcelain Canvas product.

 Chamber Size:

  • 15" opening, 9" deep
  • 1.1 cu ft. 

Electrical Requirements
240 Volts 17 Amps 4000 Watts
Copper Wire Size: 12
Breaker Size:       20
NEMA Receptacle Configuration: 6-20


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