Feldspar, G200 EU

Product #: GM-G200EU

Price: $3.45

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From To Discount Per
5 9 -$0.85    
10 24 -$1.80    
25 43 -$2.10    
55 659 -$2.53    
660 1264 -$2.67    
1265 2529 -$2.83    
2530 And Above -$2.87    

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G200EU is a potash feldspar from Spain. It is very similar to the original G200, especially in terms of melt, and should substitute out for one another without problems (although it is still extremely important to test).

Comes in 55 LB bags and smaller weighed out quantities. 

(You can also read more about the changes in feldspar in some of our recent Tech Tips, here and here.)

Quantity discounts listed are by the pound.


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