Legend Wheel w/ SSX Drive System

Legend Wheel w/ SSX Drive System

Product #: TS-LSSX

Retail Price: $1,675.00
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This model delivers power and professional performance at an affordable price.  Designed for most studios and classrooms, this wheel centers more than 100 lbs. of clay
with ease.

The removable splash pan design can be removed easily by twisting and lifting the wheel head and removing the one-piece splash pan. This design is cleaner and easier to use than the standard two-piece splash pans on other wheels. Available with the standard full size splash pan or a round splash pan.

Additional Features

  • A 14" twist and lift removable wheel head, drilled 10" on center bat pin system
  • A reversing switch for changing wheel head direction
  • A 6-groove drive belt for smooth, quiet, powerful performance
  • Over-sized legs that provide stable support while throwing
  • Heavy duty, cast aluminum foot pedal
  • Two year warranty



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