North Star Extruder (Stainless Steel)

North Star Extruder (Stainless Steel)

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Northstar Extruder (Stainless Steel).

In these extruders, the handle length and barrel size are matched to give plenty of leverage without ratcheting.  There are no dangerous shackles, fewer pinch points, no clumsy multi-jointed handle to come loose, and no post or ratchet parts to wear out.   The handle is anchored at one fixed pivot point, completely eliminating the danger of a heavy steel bar slipping or suddenly offering no resistance.  Clay is loaded with the handle in the down position, again eliminating danger from a heavy, hard-to-control handle.

Every extruder comes with 8 coil dies, 2 handle dies, one square coil, one hex coil, a blank die and a die mask.  Several of the coil dies contain 4 cavities of different sizes and the die mask is used to block off any three of them.  The Accessory Die Kit, which may be purchased separately, contains a stainless steel Z-Bracket (die brace), 4 coil dies, 2 ribbon dies and 6 hollow dies.


Finally there is this simple but very important note:  These machines hold about eight pounds of clay, which will give a longer extrusion than most people can handle at one time.


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