Product #: PATCH-GL

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Similar to Sairset but is rated to 3200°F. Use it for thicker joints up to 2". May have success in patching gaps. Good coating material as it won’t crack. NOTE: Do not use on interior kiln lids


Material should be stored in a dry place. For best results, material should be maintained at 50-70°F prior to use. If frozen, completely thaw out before using. Some liquid may be on the top surface as received. This liquid should NEVER BE POURED OFF, but thoroughly mixed back into the mortar before any is removed from the drum. Use clean mixing equipment only.


Greenpatch can be diluted with water and "painted" on, or applied in layers from 1/8" to 2" thick. Thermal dryout may begin immediately. A maximum heatup rate of 100°F (55°C) per hour is preferred. 


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