Bright Gold

Bright Gold

Product #: GL-OG801

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"Duncan OG801 Liquid Bright Gold 2 Grams 7% gold

Metallic Overglaze Application 

1. Apply an overglaze compatible glaze to cone 04 bisque.
2. Fire to cone 06.
3. Do not stir or shake overglaze.
4. Place a small amount of overglaze on a glazed palette; apply one smooth coat.
5. Try to attain an even tint:
6. Do not let metallics pool in an area; brush them out smoothly.
7. Clean brush in Essence and let dry.


  1. If overglazes are accidentally applied on the wrong area, dip a cotton swab in Essence and wipe off misplaced color.

  2. If any areas are missed, go back and touch up before the metallic or the luster overglazes dry.

  3. For solid coverage with Premium Gold or Bright Gold, use either a yellow glaze or a yellow underglaze for best results; for solid coverage with White Gold, use a gray glaze or a gray underglaze.


1. Overglazes dry in about one hour but over glazed ware can be fired while still wet. The kiln must be clean, well-ventilated (do not overload) and follow a normal fring schedule.

2. Overglazed items should be stilted for fring: Fire metallics to witness cone 019-018."


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