Ceramic Windchimes

Ceramic Windchimes

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This book is an exciting fully illustrated book on all aspects of how-to create, decorate, glaze and load in kiln, fire, and string ceramic windchimes. The information given is to be used or developed into one's own ceramic windchime. The following are some of the areas covered:

Construction Techniques: Rolling out, Extruding, Press mold, Cookie cutter, Marbleware, Template, Pressmold, Beads, Milleflori, Multiple cut-outs, Braiding, Weaving, Making of bell forms, Melted glass, Types of casting, Commercial cookie cutter, Coil construction, Production cookie cutter

Decorating Techniques: Brushwork, Printing, Rubber stamp, Stamps, Engobe, Wood paddle, Inlay/mishima, Small object printing, Pakistan ink block, Slip trailing, Making wood stamp, Rolled out clay-on-clay, Decal, Sgraffito, Combing, Sandblast, Sprigging, Texture roller, Wax resist, Spraying, Melted metal, Plaster/clay stamp, Foam printing, Object roll-on-press, Burnout texture, Direct screen printing, Wood block printing, Custom press design 

The illustrations are large, simple, and detailed for the younger or inexperienced. Also many new, little used, or unusual techniques are given to stimulate the most experienced craftsperson to try some of these approaches. Advanced techniques are carefully explained for creating windchimes in large quantities by making production "cookie cutters."


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