Update on Feldspar

(July 2015)


 Update on feldspar: feldspar, you are drunk. Go home.

 So, in case you didn’t know Custer feldspar has been unavailable for the past couple of months.  This was the result of a breakdown with the processing equipment Pacer uses to grind 200m feldspar.  Custer feldspar became the only potash feldspar produced in North America after the demise of G200 followed a few years later by the closure of the G200HP mine.  Feldspar is an essential component to the production of clay, glaze and pottery so any disruption in supply is a cause for concern.  The alternative to Custer is a Spanish feldspar known as G200EU.  It is a beautiful material with a long range supply though it is costly and as of right now, unavailable as well.

We expect to have Custer in stock towards the end of September with back-to-back shipments through the fall. Yay! But there is a catch.  Pacer will no longer produce 200 mesh feldspar.  They will only offer 325 mesh Custer feldspar, which we have not previously stocked.  Same material, just smaller.  We are currently running tests with several of our high fire stoneware clays to see if and how the finer mesh will affect the fired bodies.  Hopefully it will be a smooth transition but potters will need to test for their production methods and test their glazes as well.  As of right now, we do not know when we will get a shipment of G200EU but anticipate having the material available for custom clays and general stock.  If you have any questions about feldspar or clay bodies please contact us at techsupport@highwaterclays.com. 

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