Engobes SE Series (Dry)

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Amaco Engobes are available in dry form in one pound jars.

AMACO Engobes have only been tested and approved as dinnerware safe when applied and fired under LG-10 Clear Glaze. They should not be used on surfaces which come in contact with food or drink if left unglazed.  AMACO clear glaze LG-9, LG-10 and HF-9 or any other dinnerware safe glaze is recommended to be used over AMACO Engobes to make them dinnerware safe.

Tableware producers must have all finished ware tested and approved as safe for dinnerware through a certified laboratory due to possible variations in firing temperature and possible contamination.

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Please note that the color samples shown may vary from actual colors. Every effort was made to make them as accurate as possible.  However,  due to many factors - including individual monitor settings, these examples should only be used as a reference point.

Sold by the pound.

Natural Black

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