Arroya Cone 06-05

Arroya Glazes -- LEAD FREE


Both colors are AP NON-TOXIC.

Cone 06-05. Arroya glazes from Amaco are textured and produce a unique "carved" effect when fired. Designed for use over gloss and matte unfired glazes, Arroya glazes are best applied with a fully loaded brush for all-over coverage or with a sponge when using a pouncing method. The heavier the application, the larger the break-up effect and the more matte the finish.

Recommended firing temperature for Arroya glazes is Cone 06-05 (1855 - 1911° F, 1013 -1044°C). These glazes must be applied to mature Cone 04 (1971°F, 1077°C) bisque.

Arroya glazes come in liquid form in four ounce jars.

Please note that the color samples shown may vary from actual colors. Every effort was made to make them as accurate as possible however due to many factors including individual monitor settings these examples should only be used as a reference point.


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