Underglaze Decal Papers



Underglaze Decal Tissue Transfer Papers

All of the tissue transfers available on our site can be applied to fresh, leather hard, bone dry and bisque fired clay with slightly varying effects.

Simply place the tissue transfer face down on the clay and gently brush the back with a moist brush or soft sponge. Leave the tissue transfer in place for a couple of minutes before carefully peeling it off the clay. The pattern from the tissue transfer should remain on the clay surface. Once the applied pattern has dried on the clay, you can then apply underglazes and slips over the pattern if you wish.

Best results are achieved by applying the tissue transfers to smooth, flat surfaces, but you can apply them to a variety of shapes by simply cutting the sheets into strips or smaller tiles and applying them in a mosaic-like manner.


Sanbao Studio Decals (8.5

Sanbao Studio Decals (8.5"x11")


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