Mason Stains

Mason Color Works Inc, the manufacturer of Mason Stains, recently announced that they are reducing their stain offerings.
Mason has about 100 calcinated stains, referred to as 'single calcinations.' These colors are a mix of oxides that are compounded and produced to make a stain. They then take a combination of two or three  calcinated stains and mix them together to produce additional colors. These are referred to as "blended' pigments. All in all there are about 60 blended pigments. Blended pigments are combinations of different stains that allow for a wider pallete range.

Mason will keep manufacturing all of the single calcinations, but they are dropping the blended pigments. We have never carried every Mason stain but, we will now add more single calcinations to our inventory. Mason has made available their recipes for blended pigments and you will get to do the blending. Click here for a list of colors.

Rest assured that we want to make this a painless process and please give a call to discuss your stain needs.

*Please note that we are able to sell stains by the ounce-- please specify in your order notes the exact quantity you are needing and we will make necessary adjustments.*

Mason -- Browns - Oranges


Mason -- Greens


Mason -- Pinks - Crimsons - Corals


Mason -- Purples


Mason -- White

Mason Stains -- Blues


Mason Stains -- Grays - Blacks


Mason Stains -- Yellows


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