Choosing the Correct Glove for the Job


Here at Highwater Clays we want you to get the most out of the clay work that you do, but we would like you to be safe while you do it. To that end we stock several different types of safety gloves, each type having properties making it suitable for certain jobs.

Studio Gloves                                                                                                                            

Cotton and acrylic blend with grip threads. These gloves are rated for short contact up to 400°F, very good for unloading the kiln when your pots are just a little too hot to handle, or for taking out your shelves and posts.

Leather Welder’s Gloves                                                                                                         

Side split leather gloves have soft cotton sock lining and a reinforced thumb strap. Useful when stoking a wood kiln, pulling the peep plug on a gas kiln, or manning the reduction bin during a Raku firing. Anytime you don’t need extreme heat protection, but you need a little more than the studio glove can afford you, this is the glove for you.

Zetex Plus Gloves and Mittens                                                                                            

Zetex Plus is treated with a proprietary high temperature Vermiculite coating to dissipate heat across the surface of the fabric and increase short duration temperature resistance to 2000°F.  For additional thermal protection these 35oz. gloves and mittens are lined with wool.

Available in 14” and 18”, gloves and mittens, we carry these in both men’s and women’s sizes. Mittens are reversible to increase wear life. When choosing a glove or mitten size, remember that it should fit loosely so that if the glove or mitten should get too hot you can slip it off quickly. Useful for Raku firing and hot glasswork, but with only a medium abrasion resistance.

Zetex Plus cover mitts                                                                                                                   

If you like to pull your pots from the raku kiln  with your gloved hand, these  cover mitts will both protect your expensive gloves and give you an extra layer of heat protection. 

Cover Mitt For Gloves, Open Top

Cover Mitt For Gloves, Open Top--

Product ID: GLV-CMG
8" Open top cover mitt for over gloves.
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Price: $26.50

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Cover Mitt For Mittens, Closed Top

Cover Mitt For Mittens, Closed Top--

Product ID: GLM-CM
Reversible Unlined Cover Mitt.
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Price: $30.50

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Ladies 14

Ladies 14" Glove--

Product ID: GLV-14L
Ladies 14" Zetex Glove
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Price: $63.50

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Men's 14

Men's 14" Glove--

Product ID: GL-14
Men's 14" Zetex Glove  
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Price: $64.00

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Welder's Gloves

Welder's Gloves--

Product ID: GL-WG
Premium chrome-tanned side leather gloves.
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Price: $16.95

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Product ID: GL-KG1
These gloves will withstand temperatures up to 400  F.  Handy for those jobs around the studio that don't require bulky Raku gloves.
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Price: $11.00

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