Sherrill Mud Tools

Michael Sherrill lives with his wife and children in Hendersonville, NC,
where he works as a ceramic artist. He has been making pots and ceramic
sculpture for over 25 years. Michael's artwork is elegant and innovative.
He constantly adjusts and improves upon his ceramic techniques. The usual
tools don't lend themselves to this kind of ingenuity, and so Michael has
designed his own. Sherrill Mud Tools have improved shape, efficiency, flexibility and durability.

Bowl Ribs


Carving Bow

Clay Shredder

Drag Tool

Hax Tool

Long Scrapers


Mud Cutter


Mud Shark

Mud Sponge


Mud Tool Ribs


Mud Wire

Platter Ribs

Stainless Steel Drawing Ribs


Stainless Steel Paisley Shaped Scrapers


Stainless Steel Ribs

The Bump Altering Tool

Mudtool Wood Paddle

Mudtool Wood Paddle--

Product ID: SMT-WP
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Price: $20.00

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Mudtool Bull Tongue Throwing Tool

Mudtool Bull Tongue Throwing Tool--

Product ID: SMT-BT
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Price: $20.00

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