Are my pots dinnerware safe?

Highwater recommends that the producer of any for-sale dinnerware have it tested for leachable lead by an approved laboratory to determine whether or not it meets FDA guidelines in its own category before it is put on the market.

It is impossible for any glaze manufacturer to guarantee the finished properties of its products, since application and firing are critical factors over which the supplier has no control.

Tableware producers are responsible for complying with FDA guidelines for lead release. Any statements concerning dinnerware safety must be confirmed by the producer of the products through lead release testing by an approved laboratory. In addition, some glazes are not suitable on surfaces which come into contact with food and drink because of their softness or their crackle finish.

Please note that the color samples shown may vary from actual colors. Every effort was made to make them as accurate as possible. However, due to many factors including individual monitor settings, these examples should only be used as a reference point.

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